Introducing MyConcierge, a location-enabled smartphone app where customers can view curated content and weblinks, menus, daily specials or announcements; and request food, drinks or other services via secure chat with the MyConcierge agent at your favorite venues.

Venues can customize the experience for their customer needs and include additional services such as connecting with security or medical staff in the event of an emergency or even their venue host for any customer service-related issues.

MyConcierge, Experience First-Class.

Available soon for download on the App and Google Play Stores


MyConcierge Features

Allow your customers to request any item or service to their exact location from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.

Customizable App

Customize app buttons, display text and functions with a just a few clicks

Location Aware

Using QR codes users can update their current location wth a quick scan

Live Chat

Customers communicate directly with the staff member to handle their request via secure chat 

Customer Satisfaction

The correct staff are notified of requests so they are handled quickly and efficiently 



Powerful Reporting

Generate reports on demand for analyzing system utilization, request patterns, response times and more to help optimize your staffing and service offerings

Full Audit Logs

All customer interactions are logged through MyConcierge and available for staff training and customer service usage at any time.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction with better service and collect feedback via custom buttons and survey tools.

Frequently asked questions

Customers can download the MyConcierge app from the Google Play or Apple App stores and use the app at yours and any other MyConcierge client venue.  Custom branded MyConceirge apps are available for additional fees.

All staff are registered in the MyConceirge application with desired notification methods.  Users can choose to be notified via on-screen dashboard, Email or SMS of any incoming requests.

Yes, MyConcierge allows you to define request types and originating locations for staff members to receive alerts with a few clicks.  

MyConceirge buttons can be configured to link to any existing mobile food ordering system currently in use while still providing all other services right from within a single app. 

Locations are registered in MyConcierge and assigned a custom QR code that can be incorporated into marketing materials such as placards and stickers.  Customers simply scan the QR code at their table, seat or suite to register their location.  

MyConcierge setup is as easy a s setting up users, locations and buttons within the sytem. Our staff will work with you to create a customied configuration for your MyConcierge app.  Changes can be made at any time and will be applied to all client apps next time they use it at your venue.  

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